Can you show the top 10 products for each state?

For this week’s #WOW2020 challenge, Sean Miller stripped things right back and went ‘back to basics’.

This blog should be brief as I’m only going to touch on the bits that I think some people might find a little tricky.

The Map Colours

Use the Red-Black Diverging colour palette, centred at 0 to ensure the colours match exactly (this is most noticeable on the Viz in Tooltip table if it’s not centred at 0).

Map Background

On the Map -> May Layers menu, ensure all the items under the Map Layers section are unchecked

Seaboard States

I used the MIN(1) on the Columns shelf and fixed the axis from 0-1 to fill it up.

Top 10 Products

Orders Count

I dragged Order ID into the ‘measures’ section (below the line on the left hand pane if you’re using later versions of Tableau), and chose the COUNTD aggregation. When I added this to the table, I then changed the alias of the field and called it ‘Orders’

Top 10

Add Product Name to the Filter shelf and select the Top tab.

Colouring the columns

This uses the Legend Per Measure functionality. Add Measure Values to the Colour shelf and select the Use Separate Legends option

This will add 3 colour legends onto the canvas. Set the colours of the Profit measure to the Red – Black diverging as with the map.

For the other 2 legends select any diverging colour palette, then click on the coloured square at each end, and select white from the palette displayed. Change the stepped colour to 2, and you’ll find that the measures now don’t look like they actually have a background colour.

Viz in Tooltip

When adding the sheet as a tooltip, I adjusted the size to 500×350

<Sheet name=”Top 10 Products” maxwidth=”500″ maxheight=”350″ filter=”<All Fields>”>

The size of the Top 10 Products sheet should be set to Entire View to ensure you don’t get a ‘View is too large to display’ message on the tooltip

Getting the Top 10 filtered properly

Once the viz has been added as a ‘viz in tooltip’ a State related filter pill will automatically be added to the Filter shelf of the the Top 10 Products sheet. To ensure the top 10 products gets filtered by the state BEFORE the top 10 products by sales are identified, the filter needs to be Added to Context

Arranging on the Dashboard

I managed to tile all the items, except for the ‘Eastern Seaboard States’ title which I floated.

My published viz is here.

Happy vizzin’! Stay Safe!


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