Can You Optimize This?

For #WOW2022 week 18, Lorna set this challenge to allow us to familiarise ourselves with the new Tableau Workbook Optimizer feature released in version 2022.1 (so you’ll need this version of Tableau Desktop to complete this challenge).

You need to download the workbook Lorna provides from Tableau Public, and then the only stipulation is to get the workbook to fully pass all 12 checks made on the workbook – no changes to the dashboard presented is required.

So, open the workbook and start by running the optimizer via the Server > Run Optimizer menu

You’re presented with the following – 3 important Take Action suggestions and 1 warning Needs Review suggestion.

Each of the suggestions can then be expanded to see more detail

Take Action – unused data sources

You’re told exactly which data sources aren’t used. Close the Optimizer dialog then navigate to a worksheet so you can access the listed data sources in the top section of the left hand Data tab. Right click on the relevant data sources and Close. If you happen to click one that is in use, you will be warned.

Take Action – Unused Fields

On each of the remaining data sources listed, right click and select Hide all unused fields to hide all the fields mentioned in the optimizer.

The optimizer also identifies unused parameters, which are listed at the bottom of the left hand pane. Right click on these and Hide.

If you now run the optimiser again, you should find you’re now left with just 1 Take Action notification, since the removal of the unused data sources, also removed the Needs Review item which was advising about the number of data sources being used.

Take Action – Non-materialized calculations

For a bit further info on what this means and how to resolve it, check out these Tableau KB articles : Workbook Optimizer and Materialize Calculations in your Extracts.

But ultimately, to resolve this, right click on the relevant data source > Extract > Compute Calculations Now

Run the Optimizer again and fingers crossed, you should now get a 12/12 success!

My published version of the viz which has been optimized can be viewed here.

Happy vizzin’!


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