Can you create a jittered box plot?

It was Kyle’s turn to set this jittered box plot challenge this week. While it may sound complicated, this is quite a straightforward challenge this week, made more so as Kyle very kindly provides references to other blogs which help you.

So let’s build…

Firstly you need to download the 2 excel files Kyle provides, then relate them via the Team field (this should happen automatically).

On a new sheet add Team to Columns, Age to Rows and Player Code to Detail. Change the mark type to circle, and reduce the Size slightly.

From the Analytics pane, drag box plot onto the sheet and drop onto the Cell image that displays.

Create a new field which is the key field for the jittering functionality



This just generates a random number between 0 and 1.

Add this to Columns and change the view to Entire View so its not all squashed up.

We’ve got our jittered box plot. Now we just have to add in the additional functionality required.

Drag the Playoffs field so that it’s above the line in the data pane on the right hand side (ie change it from a measure to a dimension). Then right click > Aliases to alias to 0 and 1 values to the labels required

Add this field to the Columns in front of the Team field. Re-order so ‘Playoff Teams’ is listed first (I just click on the field name and drag it to the left).

We also need to sort the data based on the median value per team. We need a new field for this.

Median Age per Team

{FIXED [Team]:MEDIAN([Age])}

Add a sort to the Team field, so it sorts by the Median Age per Team descending

Add League to the Filter shelf and set to AL.

Format the worksheet and set the Column Banding to be level 0 and band size 1 to shade the sections as required.

Then adjust the format of the gridlines to remove all row and column gridlines.

Finally, add Name to the Tooltip and adjust accordingly. Then hide the Jitter axes (uncheck Show Header) and adjust the Age axis so it is fixed to start at 18.

You can now add this to a dashboard and you’re done! My published viz is here.

Happy vizzin!



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